Great Snoring Parish Council

Great Snoring Parish Council meets every other month on a Thursday evening at 7.00 pm in the Social Club. Members of the public are welcome to attend. There is a regular slot in the Agenda to allow Parishioners to raise matters of concern. This is also a time when the District and County Councillors report on their work.

Facilities provided by Great Snoring Parish Council

    • Gurney’s Ground – grassed open space with goal post and net
    • garden allotments
    • dog bins
    • seats by bus stop and on the lower knoll
The Tuns Knoll, Great Snoring

The Tuns Knoll, Great Snoring

The Parish Council also maintains the knolls in the village, the village sign.

Parish Clock

The Parish Clock on St Mary’s Church Tower has a separate fund which the Parish Council manages on behalf of the community.

Great Snoring Parish Clock





Contact with other authorities

The Parish Council maintains close and regular contact with other authorities, e.g. the District and County Councils, to promote the best interests of the community of Great Snoring.

  • It considers planning applications and advises the District Council of its decisions to support or object.
  • It notifies the relevant authority of potholes, damaged road signs, and other items that are in the village but are the responsibility of the District or County Councils.
  • It makes donations to causes that are of benefit to parishioners.

Parish Council Meetings

Please do come to Parish Council meetings.

There is always a place in the agenda for parishioners to put forward their views and ask questions.

For dates, agenda and other information please see notices on the notice board opposite the Church on The Street or contact the Clerk or follow this links from the drop-down tabs above.

Daffodils on the Knoll, Great Snoring

Daffodils on the Knoll, Great Snoring

What is a Parish Council?

A Parish Council

  • is the local authority closest to the people
  • has a duty to serve all the disparate interests of the community it represents and to make decisions for the best results
  • is responsible for the services it provides and the decisions it takes
  • establishes policies for action
  • consists of the chair and parish councillors (seven members)
  • has the power to raise and spend money on behalf of the community
  • is responsible for spending public money lawfully and without risk, and for achieving the best value for money