Parish Councillors

Jan Lockhart (Vice-Chairman), David Perowne, Gavin Rutland, Hazel Seekings, Vanessa Thompson (Chairman),  Joyce Tibbitts, (one vacancy)

Monitors for Great Snoring Parish Council 2018-19


area / items to be monitored Parish Councillor / volunteer etc.
Planning Advisory Group All parish councillors
Data Protection Committee Members Jan Lockhart
Pest Control co-ordinator David Perowne
Allotments over-viewer Joyce Tibbitts
Structures: seats, notice board, village sign, kiosk Vanessa Thompson
Environment: Gurney’s Ground, knolls, hedgerows, footpaths, dog bins


Jan Lockhart and Hazel Seekings

Parish Clock Jon Taylor with Jan Lockhart
Newsletter Editor Suzanne Pannell
Internal Account checker Hazel Seekings
Bank signatories Hazel Seekings, David Perowne, Vanessa Thompson
other roles
Chairman Vanessa Thompson
Vice-Chairman Jan Lockhart
Clerk, RFO and Data Protection Officer Joanna Otte
Internal Auditor Stafford Snell

External Auditors

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